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Playing Now: Dreams

Playing Now: Dreams

We’ve heard of sleep-walking, but makin’ and playin’ games based on what you see when you’re asleep is a new level of whoa in Dreams! Available On: PS4

Dreams are things that happen at night. Or things we really, really wanna do. But Dreams wants you to make the things you want today, during the day. No need to nod off for these dreams. Build your own. From snore-fest to your-best. Or slip into a dream made by another dreamer. Move the pieces around like tweaking a LEGO set. They make it. You break it! (Or, y’know, improve it.) Wanna be a game dev? Dreams has you covered. Wanna chill out and make art? Yup, you can do that, too. Spend all your time building your dream, uh, dream. But be sure to check out other peep’s cool creations. Jump into a Community Creative Jam to make or play updating challenges. The Dreams community’s fave ones can be played whenevs. Our faves so far? A 3D recreation of tricky 2D platformer Cuphead. And a dreamy rebuild of a sweet Spider-Man web-slinging, web-swinging sequence.


Dreams is a game that lets you play your own way. Wanna go from sleeping to gaming? Jump straight into mini-games that other Dreams players have dreamt up. Wanna make? Build your own dreams from scratch. They can be mini-games. Mini-movies. Maxi-art. If you can dream it, you can make it!

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