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Playing Now: Marvel's Avengers

Playing Now: Marvel's Avengers

Marvel at the might of Earth’s mightiest heroes who might just be assembling for the latest great superheroic adventure in Marvel’s Avengers! Available For Older K-Zoners On: PS4, Xbox One, PC.

Marvel’s Avengers is kinda like building an epic LEGO set. At first, the Avengers are all in separate pieces. But when you bring them all together, it makes for one mighty display. They’ll need all of the best bits of their best team to take aim the big head of villainous A.I.M. Seriously, though, the big bad has a big (superpowered) bonce. For the goodies, Kamala Khan is the start of this rad tale. And she’s all over remembering the key superheroic A-B-Cs. ‘A’ is for assembling an ace Avengers team. ‘B’ is for bringing in Bruce “Hulk” Banner and Black Widow. ‘C’ is for Captain America and DLC dude Cliff “Hawkeye” Barton. To help test their mighty mash-up mettle is metal-loving mechanical maestro Iron Man. Plus, the thunder-bringer that’s louder than the kind from down under, Thor. We love that they’re just the start. There are more mighty contenders and marvellous mission mix-ups coming as free-LC!


Keep an eye on each hero’s Willpower. That’s the health bar at the top of the screen. To get Willpower back, pop green canisters with crosses on them. Remember where you popped them. Unused health will stay there. Plus, use Triangle and Circle (Y and B on Xbox One) to finish marked enemies for a Willpower kick!

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