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hi - Lucas O i l-o-v-e k-zone - lockie c I haven’t won yet😓 - Mia My bro just got me into it- LOVE THE GAMING - Zara S Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! - Elijah H I LOVE K-ZONE!!! - Harry All these mags are amazing I love kzone - Harrison I really wanna win the skater XL game in this months mag... how awesome is K-Zone - dylan b I love reading your books - Tyler Thank you K-zone, you guys rock. I just found out I won the Grit scooter, too cool.😁 thank you thank you - Jeremy B
Pokkén Tournament DX Cheats

Pokkén Tournament DX Cheats

Get ready for Pokkén Tournament DX cheats!


Punch in codes on the pause menu to unlock new items! Try ‘QRRZ7LBS4TDV’ for Holiday ornament, ‘5W6LEN4TNVF5’ for Holiday Title, ‘L9VPUW8QN9TB’ for Female Cat Whiskers and ‘LT48EFNGRBRZ’ for Male Cat Whiskers!


Want ribbons for your Battle Pokémon? Reach Skill Level 25 for a Bronze Ribbon, Skill Level 50 for a Silver Ribbon, Skill Level 75 for a Gold Ribbon and Skill Level 100 for a Platinum/Ferrum Ribbon.


Take all 21 Pokémon for a few rounds before choosing your fave fighters. The Pokémon category matters most. Power means slow but packs a punch, Speed is fast but weak, Technique is strong at range but weak up close, while Standard is balanced – and a great place to start. Pick the category that works best for you.

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