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Shoutout to my BFF Gracie ❤️ - Ethan Shout out to Charlie!!!-Otis - Otis Love the jokes - Timeless You guys are amazing next one put in stuff about spider man: far from home cause it’s AMAZING!! - Tyler OMG I LUV KZONE LOLOLLOLOLOL :D - Nat W I love your magazines they are awesome, we've won 2 And use are prizes for everything. Thank you so much - Laci E How do you get to be a champion - Wyatt I love you'r mags! I appreciate all the effort!!!!!! I love you guys!! ;D - Kit I can't wait for Super Mario Maker 2! - Hugo Thanks for the AWESOME Sonic the hedgehog prize!!. I LOVED it! <3 - Kit


bad guys are the best! They have so many funny jokes and are written by a great author!
12/2/2018 3:49:47 AM
Excited for the Australian Open?