Yo-Kai Watch Gaming

by Dan | Jan 21, 2016

What’s up K-Zoners!


Having a sweet and gametastic holiday? Did you grab the February issue of K-Zone yet? Some incredibly scientific and obviously super-intelligent dude is talking all about it in the new episode of K-Zone TV, not sure about his fashion choices though to be honest. Check it out!


Anywho, I spent most of the holidays SMASHING my way through Yo-Kai Watch and I’m really enjoying it. Can I just say though that the boss battle against Sproink was the hardest one I have faced yet and he was supposed to be the easiest! Also, don’t freak out and think the game is glitched like I did if you try to get into the bathhouse and the door is locked – it just means you need to go back at night.

Yo-Kai Watch


So what have you guys been playing? And what are you hyped for this year? My most-hyped has gotta be the Wii U Zelda game that seems like it will NEVER come out. If you’re reading this Nintendo, plz halp!




  1. 4 AJ 23 Jan
    Yo-Kai-Watch is sounds like some rip off of Pokémon.
  2. 3 Samuel 23 Jan
    Hey Dan, Do you know of any upcoming LEGO videogames after the Avengers game?
  3. 2 Sayed 26 Apr
    I'm playing the gameboy advanced pokemon game fire red
  4. 1 jack 07 May
    i i am playing new super mario bros u


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