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Playing Now: Forza Horizon 5

Playing Now: Forza Horizon 5

Push pedal to metal in the latest Forza Horizon racing adventure that offers the biggest and best racing world yet! Available On: PC, XBO, XSX/S, XBOX CLOUD GAMING

This is the full-throttle fun we’ve been revving to play. Forza Horizon 5 is built for every kind of racer – casual car lovers, full-speed race-track experts, or your first racing game. Best bit: no driver licence required! There’s a reason the race season kicks off with your first ride getting dropped out of the butt of a plane. Coz it’s getting you revved up for all of the air time you’ll find when tearing up tracks! We love that Forza Horizon 5 lets you race your own way. Cruise around the countryside taking in the many momentous views, nab new rides, or start ticking off pole positions in the Festival Playlist. If you love speed, clock up your top speedo reading in Speed Traps. Or yank the right trigger for full acceleration in a drag race. Basically, tackle the tight turns and torn-up tracks in whichever order tickles your fanging fancy.


Driving assists like the super-handy Driving Line are flicked on by default. Head into settings and disable ’em if you want a more hardcore experience. But keeping them on is a great way to master the driving mechanics. Full speed on blue. Let go of the accelerator on yellow. And brake for red!

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