Meet The Cast Of DuckTales

by Aideen | Nov 22, 2017

OK K-Zoners, by now you should know I'm a major fan of DuckTales, so imagine how jealous I was to see that Joel from Hanging With and Radio Disney got to meet the cast! I’ve got the exclusive video for you to check out, and if you’ve always wondered what the DuckTales theme song sounds like with a bad Aussie accent, you’re in luck.



I also wanted to share my top five fun facts about Ducktales with you – if you know any other cool trivia or Easter eggs, share them in the comments below!


1. Scrooge McDuck’s money vault is apparently three cubic acres! The measurement doesn’t really make much sense, but one thing’s for sure – that’s a lot of money!


2. Huey, Dewey and Louie are triplets, but they still have personalities inspired by the order they were born. Huey is the oldest, so he tends to be the most responsible, while Dewey is the middle triplet and really wants to stand out. Louie is the youngest, and often thinks he can get away with more – which usually lands him in a lot of trouble. According to the show producer, Matt Youngberg, “Huey has Scrooge’s brains, Dewey has Scrooge’s guts, and Louie has Scrooge’s love of treasure”!


3. David Tennant is the first Scottish actor to play the iconic Scotsman (or is it Scotsduck?), Scrooge McDuck!


4. George Lucas, who wrote Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Steven Spielberg, who directed the movie, have both admitted that the gang’s adventures in the original DuckTales influenced the first ever Indiana Jones movie!


5. Whovians will recognise David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, which makes this short video with Scrooge’s time traveling grandfather clock even funnier!

Catch DuckTales Saturday mornings at 9am on Disney XD!


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